Art of Making 3D Wood Design

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Art of Making 3D Wood Design

Background of our craft

3D wood wall designs is an art made by shaping wood with a sharp hand tool to form functional or decorative objects.

Making Shapes with wood is one of the oldest art in the world. Shaping wooden material dates back to the stone ages. Early humans were using stones, bones and obviously wood for carving their tools.

Wood is an easy material to shape, so there are not many old sculptures because it easily dissolves in nature. It is known that wood was in widespread use throughout all the ancient civilizations.

An Empty space in a room?

A picture is worth a thousand words. The wooden wall art pieces we make are worth way more than a thousand words. If you are tired of looking at your room with an empty space, we give you tons of ideas to fill that space with our wide range of modern 3D wall art pieces. You can select modern and creative 3D wooden wall art of geometric shapes and 3D wooden art of words that motivates you or reminds you of your goals. You can use them on your home and workspace.